‘World’s biggest yacht’ aims to boast all the bells and whistles

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A Spanish shipbuilder is building what could be the world’s biggest yacht, which it hopes will have a price tag of more than $600m (£433m).

Prestige Yachts has floated its $600m “Le Provence” in Spain but says the shipping container-like vessel’s most outlandish features are still on the drawing board.

It is based on a Portuguese design, but Prestige wants to build the ship to perfection.

The huge yacht weighs 1,680 tonnes. Its deck space will be around 600 metres (1,830 ft) long.

The owner is said to be the man who now owns Spanish side Athletic Bilbao. The rest of the owners of the yacht are likely to be local merchants and local shipping entrepreneurs.

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The launch event for the ship will be in France on 20 June, with the New York and Geneva launch dates as follows:

20-22 June: Bilbao, Spain

New York City, USA

Geneva, Switzerland

The economic boom

The Spanish press has been speculating over the financial details surrounding the building of the world’s biggest yacht.

Salvador Gonzalo Das Grajales of Ernst & Young told BBC Radio 5 live that the yacht will cost a lot to build.

“At the same time it’s crucial to understand who the main shareholder is and what their motivations are because their likely motivations are to get rid of debt and to get paid something in terms of the income they may generate,” he said.

Despite the economic outlook for Spain, Prestige wants to acquire as many investment properties as possible to fund the ship’s investment.

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The Spanish port could not reach and Fipresci Gálvez, director general of the Port Authority, told BBC Radio 5 live he saw no problem with an amount of money like this.

He said, “In Barcelona, we are careful about all the destinations of the cruise ships because they are the tourists – the visitors who visit our port, and who have to stay two to three days.

“It’s not a problem because if people travel to Barceló to spend some days on a cruise ship, that’s a visitor and a tourist to the city, it’s not a problem.”

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