Upcycle: TrashArt (or Arson Art, as both artists will be credited) has turned Gallaudet neighbors into artisans

Just a quarter-mile from the offices of the Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, northeast Washington is home to a thriving community made up of some of the city’s most creative and savvy people, residents who first attended Gallaudet University, right next door. Now, thanks to the efforts of two creative friends, the more than 150-year-old historic neighborhood has been revitalized — and it’s all thanks to trash.

Arnold Arason, a journalist, and David Russo, an artist, have been throwing away things left in their front yards for several years now, and then recycling their contributions. They call it TrashArt.

“Arnold started with the idea of finding and celebrating trash,” writes Russo in The Washington Post. “He combined recycling and sculpture. He invited people to build, consume and express themselves through that garbage.” Now, TrashArt is a complete phenomenon. And who better to inspire the trash that’s littering our city than a creative garbage artist?

Scroll through to see some of their masterpieces:

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