South Memphis rapper Dolph is shot and killed outside deli

A beloved hip-hop artist from Memphis, Tennessee, was shot and killed Sunday outside a deli, according to friends and colleagues.

J.D. “Dolph” Carter, 36, known as The Dolph Boy, is an upcoming rapper. According to his brother, the artist was shot in the face and chest outside his buddy’s local deli on Bickley Avenue, then ran inside and called for his brother from behind the counter, the Commercial Appeal reports.

For a young artist, Dolph’s death is especially significant. Dolph’s songs have been played on hundreds of thousands of times on Spotify and YouTube. His last album, “The Dolph Life” came out in June 2018.

“At every production you see him come in he has his big smile, he’s happy,” his rapper B.G. Hamilton told Billboard in September 2017. “But at the same time he’s definitely wanting to be recognized because he’s a star. So when he go and he cut a record, he take off his hat and he go to his wife, his mother. And the lights goes off.”

But something happened Sunday night, which left many mourning the artist who is “big-hearted, sweet and humble.”

On Dolph’s Instagram account, there is a shot of the singer covered in blood and seemingly wounded.

According to police, there were “several people” involved in the altercation. As of Sunday night, police say no arrests have been made. Police described the shooting as an attempted robbery.

There were different interpretations as to what the struggle was, some saying it was about money, others saying it was about scuffles he had with other rappers. But there is no doubt: Dolph was shot.

According to onlookers, the Dolph man was shot in the face. At least one woman was seen rushing a man to the hospital as gunfire rang out.

Police officers have scoured the area and are investigating.

On Twitter, Dolph’s uncle, Cecil Bracy, wrote: “Dolph’s nephew was there. Chained to the corner for crying out loud.”

The artist was often seen on camera with Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland and Dolph Boy couldn’t live up to a false reputation of a party boy. In an interview with Billboard, Dolph’s first album credits him as an avid charity worker.

“But what I really want people to know about my brother is that I raised him all of my life and I know he’s not dumb,” Hamilton told Billboard. “My brother’s just a big-hearted, sweet and humble person. He would do anything for anybody. The family is all at the hospital and he has got prayers and love coming from everywhere.”

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