Should your dog have a private park in your garden?

Image copyright M. McArthur Image caption M. McArthur’s Kong is the dog-inspired supercar he designed for his Doberman mix, Penny

Do your dogs deserve a private park in your front garden?

That’s the call of B+K author and designer Michael “M. McArthur” McDowall.

He’s made headlines recently with his £35,000 (US $43,500/£30,740) Kong designer dog seat designed for Doberman mix Penny, who got a sunburn while exploring his home of Hawley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

M. McArthur also built a hybrid steel-car to entertain his bull terrier, Malcolm, and even set up a bare-bones toilet in his allotment in York.

He has now turned his attention to his dogs.

“I want people to tell me how or if their dogs deserve to be on their own,” M. McArthur told Radio 4’s Front Row this week.

“I’m not expecting everybody to buy this and belong to it and want to walk their dogs across a public park.”

Treat your dog like your kids

With the money set aside from selling a home, it’s a bold proposal.

However, that’s what Earl Spencer, the 15th son of the 11th earl of Spencer, has done by handing over £2 million to build a private park for his beloved golden retriever, Silas.

“This will be a three-quarter-acre of grass and a beautifully restored stone wall,” Mr Spencer told the Sunday Times.

For those using their lawns for their outdoor pens, the fine print in Mr McArthur’s proposal includes the following:

Access to all dog areas, beds and basins is permitted.

Dog-friendly square feet per person are to be earmarked per two petters.

Based on measurements of a dog’s body shape, minimum number of square feet for petters is reduced by 50%.

For larger dog breeds, option of full-sized dog pen being able to cater for most dog types in petters, but number of dog types preferred by owners reduced by 50%.

Only golden retrievers may use 2.5 square feet per petter.

Only short-haired dogs may use 1.5 square feet per petter.

Only long-haired dogs may use 1.5 square feet per petter.

There is no requirement for dogs to have muzzles when outside.

Your dog belongs to you

So if your dog is a boxer and you’re short of space, or if your dog is a working breeds and you don’t have much room for it, there are options.

Anybody with the money is entitled to all the space he or she feels is necessary.

However, according to experts on canine obesity, the best solution to easing suffering and making space for more pets is very common ground: getting a bigger car for your dog, boosting exercise for your pet and moving around your home.

Who needs a private park, when it’s all about the car park?

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