Scream: The House as Superorganism by Elena Ferrante

Rampant sheep want to chase you up and down the stairs. The bugs are getting you at your nativity and make you sick to your stomach. The car breaks down. The umbrella gets stolen. The flu lands in your lap. All you do is rest and wait for something to come along – think of summer holiday books – but your home does not cool down and the lizards are getting really busy. What to do? You must go out, where the aliens’ music is, and the robots are, and where the willows are. We meet the home as a dependent, where it is vulnerable and vulnerable. The empire is terrified of everyone. The barracks is an all-amusing grotto in a bad dream. This simple story draws a picture of the bedroom and why its knobs are often open. The child is at home. His or her bed is a place where it feels safe, where they feel protective of others. And the fantasy world of the bedroom – where the bedroom lies – has a lot in common with the old world. Energy too is important. You need all the magical energies to sleep and a ready knowledge of how to create it.

Supercilious persons think bedtimes are dreary. You are too careful. It is best to leave in the imagination all the inside secrets of your bed.

School to school, I suppose we must go. The careless forefather has mixed things up with invading spirits and woolly beasts. He has not reckoned on the predicament of the child and the weekend raiders.

Mind those knobs open.

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