Quebec’s new government calls for new gun-control laws despite existing restrictions

On Tuesday, Canada’s provincial governments launched an eleventh-hour plea for a fix to the law that limits and prohibits handguns, which they said caused the death of a 13-year-old boy in Montreal earlier this month. Montreal police officials argued that the handgun used to kill teenager Rhydian Hughes last month had been found on a sidewalk not far from his home, despite a ban that took effect last July, reports the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Hughes died from stab wounds and a gunshot wound to the head. Although his death has been treated as a suicide, Quebec’s chief medical examiner, Gilles Paré, said earlier this month that the weapon used to kill Hughes wasn’t registered, the Montreal Gazette reports.

A bill currently under review in Parliament would allow the cabinet to exempt handguns from the ban entirely, though Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said he is open to modifying the law so that more handguns are confiscated by authorities. Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario have pushed to ban handguns for decades, but restrictions in place at the federal level have blocked them from taking a more direct role in regulating a decision that many believe is an inherently provincial one.

Read the full story at the Toronto Star.


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