Jordan’s King Abdullah II Is Building a $1 Billion Inclusive City in Aqaba

King Abdullah II, the king of Jordan, has been building a huge library and an airport in the city of Aqaba, and using proceeds from his country’s lucrative investment deals to build up a massive private collection of luxury real estate. That includes most of the city of Aqaba, a small agricultural town whose surrounding landscape and the town’s colonial past has been largely ignored. Outside of this city, its residents, including Syrian refugees, drive bumpy gravel roads, cross dirt tracks, and even walk on the floor.

King Abdullah II has lived in the city for more than two decades, while millions of dollars have been spent on building a library and airport in Aqaba, a small agricultural town with a colonial past, and on luxury real estate in the city itself.

The small number of Jordanian office workers who live inside Aqaba city don’t appreciate the king’s growing wealth or the anonymity of Aqaba and its Jordanian residents who must travel to distant outlying cities to get work or who live in relatively poorer neighborhoods.

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