Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu

Portrayed as David Adjaye’s Benjamin Netanyahu, Benjamin Netanyahu is the new Israeli Prime Minister following Benjamin Netanyahu’s unexpected resignation on Sunday

Benjamin was born in 1961 in Rehovot in the Israeli West Bank, but has roots in Nazi Germany

His father Benzion Netanyahu was a lawyer who represented the Nazis in the Nuremberg trials. He was then dismissed from his job and imprisoned after Holocaust survivors denounced him

his grandfather was Max Dov Blech, a Hitler Youth leader who became a Senator in the German Senate in 1938

He was involved in the Israeli army as a tank commander and in covert operations

He attended the prestigious AIPAC conference in 1997, described by one critic as “the most important of all American groups promoting Israeli interests”

He was first elected to the Israeli parliament in 1999, becoming a member of the Likud Party, which he currently heads

He married with a family: daughters Sara, Maayan and Yael

He is also father to the children of four children of his second marriage, Yaron and Leah Netanyhau

President of Israel, and in his style considered by some to be ultra-right wing

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