Famed great-grandson of Great Bull of the Parallelogram is believed to be alive


The great-grandson of the Great Bull of the Parallelogram, the Taji bull who sent Bill Hader running in the open in a recent Saturday Night Live skit, is now believed to be alive, according to CNN.

When Hader learned that a bull named Harry from Ireland had charged him in the area of Hadrian’s Wall with a 3,100-pound heifer during an M. Night Shyamalan-directed skit a couple of weeks ago, Hader and friends joked that “A.H.” was the Great Bull of the Parallelogram. But Hader’s gardener, Jack Rippey, quickly deemed the young bull “A.H.”’s great-grandson, soon calling the bull “A.H.”

That officially changed on Wednesday, according to the documentary producer and bar owner Andy Michael, who interviewed the bull-ring owner, Bill Kipling. Kipling said that he got the name for a young Bull. In fact, this was one of several bulls he rode as a cowboy in the ’50s and ’60s.

And since the bull has appeared in so many X-rated movies and theaters, it’s fitting that this great-grandson was named a Great Bull.

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