Chicago cop who tried to kill herself ‘accidentally shot partner’

A Chicago police officer who was trying to kill herself after shooting her former police officer husband faces federal gun charges after the same weapon went off during the altercation, prosecutors said Tuesday.

In a criminal complaint filed in federal court in Chicago, prosecutors said former officer Rashad Washington is facing gun charges as a result of the shooting on 30 March when the officer’s own gun discharged, hitting her in the leg.

The complaint also said Washington tried to kill herself three months before after shooting and killing her husband, Rohan Washington, in 2017. The couple’s former daughter is now 17, police said.

Rashad Washington, now 29, was released on bond after a three-hour hearing Tuesday. She did not speak during the hearing.

“She’s extremely apologetic,” said her attorney, Joshua Tepfer. “She’s just expressing immense sorrow for what has happened, and she hopes that they can move forward and fix their relationship.”

As far as the allegation about her trying to kill herself prior to the shooting, “We’re hoping that this explains that at least this portion of this shooting is connected to that unfortunate incident that happened on March 30”, Tepfer said.

In June, Washington was charged in state court with first-degree murder in the 2017 death of her ex-husband, a 27-year veteran of the Chicago police. The Chicago Sun-Times and other media outlets reported that Washington, then 25, shot her husband on 1 January in the couple’s home on the West Side. The paper reported that police responded to an emergency call and found Rohan Washington dead in the house.

According to the murder indictment, Rashad Washington was having an affair with a fellow police officer who was a friend of Rohan Washington’s, and that the two had spoken about being unable to have a “normal relationship”.

Washington, in a statement issued by her attorney in late June, denied the murder charges and said she was the victim of a domestic violence attack from her ex-husband. She said Washington also denied that she knew that there was “a significant monetary relationship” between Washington and the Chicago police officer.

In Illinois, first-degree murder is punishable by up to 60 years in prison. Washington was due to be sentenced on Wednesday for the federal gun charge.

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