Check out exclusive first look at Who Killed Malcolm X?

Written by By Nicole Arata and Jordyn Holman

Producers Nicole Arata and Dean Valli of World Events Television, have teamed up to create a three-part documentary series titled Who Killed Malcolm X? and producing alongside Anthony Anderson. Shot entirely with original content for online streaming and mobile platforms such as Netflix, the film will premiere in 2019 on the global streaming platform.

Up until Malcolm X’s (played by Denzel Washington) assassination in 1965, he became the most prominent black leader in the fight for equal rights in the United States. A fanatical dissident political activist, often accompanied by his young family, he was responsible for countless grass roots organizing efforts and the establishing of various activist organizations such as the Black Muslims of Malcolm X.

The series presents an alternative account of the life of this human rights advocate, as an assemblage of historians and writers, journalists, people who knew Malcolm X and others, examine the controversial case that defined him for decades. The series provides an unwavering gaze on the controversy surrounding Malcolm X’s assassination, and raises the shocking fact that evidence continues to exist that would help solve the case, yet offers no public proof.

It is with this aim that the filmmakers who have so passionately pursued a definitive investigation create a timeline of the case, spending months in each location to uncover new leads and develop layers of clues to their investigation, bringing their final point of view to the “Who Killed Malcolm X?” audience: the authority within the black community who are actively dismantling the myth of his murder.

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