Britney Spears: The new Britney video lets her family in on her secret.

Britney Spears told The Today Show that, for the next two months, she has plans to do absolutely “nothing.” Since her stint on the pop revival show, Britney: Domination, she’s been resting and relaxing and said she’s just “ready to get out of this world.”

Fans likely have high hopes for the pop princess, who hasn’t actually released an album of new music since 2015’s Glory. She posted a video on Instagram celebrating her release, setting the world ablaze. “Oh, yeah. I’m off to do the next two months nothing!” she said in the clip.

The video that Spears posted of her releasing the single “Make Me” to social media on Monday December 10, also featured…Her parents. And they let her have this party.

Watch the video below. Her mom, Lynne, is seen screaming at the top of her lungs while her dad, Jamie, looks on with his signature K9, Kevin, at his feet. This isn’t how we’d invite our parents into our celebration, but it sure makes for a great Instagram video.

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