Billy Horschel’s two worlds – one as a golfer, one as a father and boyfriend

By now you probably know that we can all come together with Billy Horschel – just try not to fall into that pit you may experience when watching.

Horschel, a viral sensation thanks to his spitting at a group of fans in first-place after the win, has already been in the news since that night for his girlfriend’s message.

“I told Billy something that only he would understand,” her text read. “He says he loves me more than his win. Please everyone pray for him.”

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Before his next scheduled interview with the media and hounded by protesters outside – where he has the distinction of being the only player to win a PGA Tour tournament after spitting on another group of fans – the thirty-three-year-old golfer apologized, and acknowledged that he wasn’t familiar with that section of Charlottesville, Virginia.

“I’m a human being. I made a mistake and I never want to make a mistake again, especially a bad one,” he said. “Obviously, if I never ever go near that crowd again, I’d be doing the world a favor and I’m certainly ready to go ahead and start moving on.”

He wasn’t ready to keep talking about that.

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Instead, Billy took the spotlight away from the controversy and into other areas of his life. Here are the two worlds of Billy Horschel, as portrayed by the Savannah Morning News…

The Two Worlds of Billy Horschel in One…

Ex-wife Brittany is happy for her ex, but doesn’t condone his actions.

“He really doesn’t want to hurt anybody, and he would never intentionally hurt anyone,” she said of the eating disorder Billy has battled for years.

“It’s crazy because this should be a whole different conversation than it is now,” Brittany added. “The way his team is handling it is the exact opposite.”

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Away from the cameras and off-course and Billy sees things from a totally different perspective.

“I know my girlfriend and I can fight in a lot of different ways,” he said of Brittany. “She stood by me and I’m so proud of her.”

The One World of Billy Horschel as Recreated…

The one thing Billy Horschel wants you to know is that his girlfriend, Brittany Horschel isn’t complaining about him.

“There’s no type of negative vibes between us,” he said. “She knows how I feel and I know how she feels about me.”

The One World of Billy Horschel as Recreated…

“This is a guy who just finished off his childhood dream, which is to win his first PGA Tour event,” said his agent, Kelly Hewitt. “I think he’s going to be worth a lot more to the industry if he can just overcome this one.”

Well there you have it, just another example of how out of the ordinary Billy Horschel is. Here he is offering an apology, and then, looking for a new girlfriend.

It’s funny to watch, as he gushes about his girlfriend, and then tells her that he’s still being compared to T.C. Spink. Maybe he’s a little confused by his own mystique?

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