Aurora borealis lights up skies as solar eclipse begins

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Photography by Debbie Ogren

Lights will glow across Iceland this week, following a spectacle of total solar eclipse, expected to spark thousands of photos and videos around the world.

When totality lasts for the duration of one hour, a natural ethereal phenomenon will hit the famous Northern Lights — with a nightly sky show scheduled to take place for one week from November 4 to November 11.

“It’s the most spectacular light display on Earth, and it will be ongoing for over one week!” said Itunn Lydi Sigurdardottir, CEO of Icelandic Air .

Northern Lights Festival Iceland’s laser and light show expected to light up the sky above the Northern Lights this month. Credit: Debbie Ogren

The northern lights, also known as aurora borealis, are typically obscured by the clouds and mist when only viewed from the northern hemisphere. However, light pollution in Iceland during the summer brings the show into full view in November.

“People will be able to see the northern lights through all of Iceland,” Sigurdardottir said. “They can see that view from even the areas that have never seen them before — other countries in the North do not see them, because they cannot see the sun through their clouds.”

Photographers have already been gathering their lens work for last night’s solar eclipse, which caused foggy weather in Iceland and tens of thousands of tweets and Instagram posts

How to snap the #NorthernLights show for #sunrise or sunset. Coming to Iceland this weekend! #NorthernLights #lightsonthx — ASG News & Info (@astevnews_info) October 28, 2017

The aurora borealis make their appearance at solar

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